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Years ago, I remember asking spirit on several occasions to allow me to bring an advanced soul down to this plane to help Mother Earth and its inhabitants. Around my 4th month of my pregnancy with Baron I began to see a white light energy show up in some of my photographs. I really did not pay much attention to this until a few years later when I kept noticing this phenomena. As I look back now I would come to believe that this white light energy is always present in my life and serves as protection for both me and my son especially during a time when I was living in a dangerous situation. I continually feel its presence with me every day. However the light only shows up in photos when the two of us are together, and as you will notice further down, there is another incredible photo I recently took in San Diego, of my son meditating in a garden. If you look to the left of Baron's body you can't help seeing what appears to be a geometric rainbow laced light of which seems to flow out from his heart.

None of these photos have been re-touched or doctored up in any way and I do not care if people believe them to be real or fake. I know that I live my life with integrity and do not need to create illusions to feed my ego. We are all moving into a higher vibration where dimensions will shift and blend into each other and where this type of phenomena will be the norm. Love and Light, Carole


White light energy showing up in my house,, possibly, for protection during a precarious and dangerous time in my life.


Baron at around one year's old (left), Carol pregnant with Baron at 4 months (right).

Carole's son Baron is seen meditating with what appears to be an amazing geometric rainbow laced light flowing out from his heart.  


Rainbow Radiance Aura Imaging Systems

Different Colors in the Aura mean different things: Indigo, violet and purple are spiritual colors and are associated with the third eye chakra. Violet indicates a person who has a deep connection with spirit or is pursuing a path of active spiritual growth. Not only is this the most sensitive and wisest of the aura colors but also the most intuitive of colors in the aura, and reveals psychic power and attunement with self and perfect alignment of a person's mind, body and spirit. True religious gurus will have violet in the head area. Violets are older souls who are inspirational, visionary, charismatic, powerful, magnetic, dynamic, leaders and teachers and who possess innate wisdom and intelligence. They know they are here to do something important to help uplift humanity and the planet.

White sparkles or flashes of white light- White is an invisible rainbow and means angels are nearby; it is also an indication that spirit and healing energy are present. When white stands out in the aura it signifies pure pranic energy, life force, truth and purity of spirit. It also indicates that the spirit of the individual is purifying and cleansing and of greatest spiritual awakening as in yogis and gurus. White is the astral color of Pure Spirit, as we have seen, and its presence raises the degree of the other colors, and renders them clearer. The presence of white among the astral colors of the human aura, betokens a high degree of spiritual attainment and enfoldment, and when seen permeating the entire aura it is one of the Signs of the Master--the token of adept ship. (Rainbow Aura systems, Dr. Loretta Stanley, Osho, Aura Reader) ;


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