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Carole is an intuitive/healer first trained at age 21 in the Silva Mind Control Method, practicing every day for many years. Later, becoming a Buddhist (Sokka Gokai International) of which she has studied for over 30 years and then in 1998 she also learned the 3000 year old Chi gong from China with practitioners in Las Vegas. Chi Gong opens the body up to "chi" energy. (Many physicians and surgeons in China now work with "Chi" energy as an aid to healing clients.) Doing Chi Gong exercises every day increased Carole's intuitive and healing energy dramatically.

Carole is also certified in basic and advanced DNA2 Theta Healing. Theta Healing is where quantum physics and metaphysics converge at the speed of light. This energy modality was designed to work with people on many levels: emotional, mental, physical, physiological, and spiritual. Science has now discovered that words, thoughts, feelings - such as regrets, resentments, emotional traumas, core beliefs (both good and bad) have a direct impact on the outcome of each person's health. In essence, Theta Healing practitioners go into a very deep thetalevel (trance or meditation) to work on the Core, Genetic, History, and Soul level of each person. Carole is also certified in advanced Reiki Healing - originallly from Tibet, when necessary, because it is an extremely powerful tool for reducing stress, inducing relaxation, calming the mind, which then promotes healing. Sometimes she will use this in conjunction with Theta Healing.

As a Means of advancing on her spiritual path and further acquiring heightened abilities Carole has just received a transmission of Prajna Akas' agarbha, a teaching from the Hanmi Esoteric School - delivered by De-Fo Jane Pearce, Europe's only empowered teacher of this amazing Chinese practice (secretely hidden for over 1,300 years - originally from India). Prajna Akas' agarbha moves it's adepts into advanced states of mind, body, and spiritual awareness. Carole says, "This new practice is very powerful and I know it has definitely increased the level of my healing abilities."



Carole uses her knowledge and abilities as an energy worker to aid in Healing. She does this by raising the energetic vibration of the body. Most illnesses are caused by emotional trauma, negative thoughts and circumstances, and also by blocked or inappropriate amounts of Qi energy in the body. Qi comes from the air you inhale, the food you ingest, your lifestyle, your emotional makeup and what you inherited from your parents. Balancing this "life force" energy can be of great mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefit. Energy work can reduce pain, stress, boost the immune system, increase stamina and promote well-being and longevity.

If you would like to make an appointment or would like to ask questions please visit the contact page. You will receive a phone call from Carole and if it is determined that a session can be of benefit to you (or your pet) then a date and time will be decided. If it is a long distance healing (quantum physics has proven that energy doesn't travel distance - it's immediate) then it will be done either by phone or by connecting to Skype on your computer. If you live in L.V., Nevada you are welcome to do a one-on-one session in person with Carole. Carole guarantees her work and will be inclusive on the spiritual energy and mental planes, but can't guarantee the results on the physical plane, she will however repeat the energy work and then discuss with you what might be standing in the way of you allowing the positive effect to take place.

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One Energy Work Session 45 minutes to 1 hour $80
Animal Healing 30 minutes $35




Carole loves animals and has found that distance healing can work on all types of animals. She also has an excellent success rate in finding lost animals.

We prefer to use PayPal, the most secure and respected internet payment system used for transactions by millions of people daily. You DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO USE THIS. You can also pay by check, but checks need to be received before the sessions begin.

DISCLAIMER: Carole Reynolds is not a medical doctor and will not diagnose or prescribe medicines or medical treatments. Although, Carole will correct the energetic imbalances in the bio field, which then balances the body and will assist the client in healing his/or herself, her services should not be a substitute for medical treatments or psychotherapeutic help. She does not suggest using her energy work as the only means of treatment. A proper licensed physician, psychologist, or healthcare provider should be used for a medical diagnosis and/or treatment of any and all injuries and illnesses. Carole's energy work is of a spiritual nature and is to be used as an aid to healing.

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