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Professional dancer, choreographer, and author Carole Michaella combines her vast knowledge and training in many styles of dance, years of developing intuitive abilities and certification in several healing and energy modalities to create the Power Up Project.

Classes & Lectures

The Power Up Project provides meditation classes and lectures regarding the Power of the Mind, Psychic Development, and the Science behind Creating Reality. Visit our Group for weekly meditation and class "Accessing Consciousness to Create and Manifest".


The Power Up Project's Carole Michaella is an intuitive energy healer who is certified in Reiki/ThetaHealing/Auditing and the Silva Mind Method; also incorporating her own developed techniques using sound/crystal and pyramid healing. She has been very successful in being a conduit for healing both both people and animals. See 'Energy Work'.

Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance

Carole is an intuitive counselor who connects with her Guides, Masters & Infinite White Light Beings (Angels) in order to guide you in matters of the heart and for assistance achieving your goals and life-long dreams. Carole can provide you with a blueprint of information which will help you attain fulfillment in your life. This chart will bring to the forefront your most important attributes, talents, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing all of this information will better equip you in making important decisions and allow you to be in the flow of your life journey.

Dancers Level One through Professional

Dancer/director/choreographer Carole Michaella has a strong background in all styles of dance, coaching, and teaching both individuals and classes in a traditional contemporary style mixed with street dance. Carole focuses not only on technique but the development of intensity and power in each student's performance. Her goal is always to dramatically improve each dancer by encouraging them to perform at the highest level. You can view her dancing on the Videos page


Health and Fitness Coach

Carole has always eaten a healthy diet, exercised daily, and continually used the power of positive thinking and meditation; all of these tools have helped her stay at the top of her game as a professional dancer/athlete. And now, more than ever she is committed to doing whatever it takes to continue on as a healthy, youthful, and dynamic woman. She has discovered that by using Product B of Isagenics she can continue on with the same energy and productivity that she has always enjoyed. If you are interested in finding out more about the Isagenics Products please check out this link:

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